Quality and food safety policy

Caro Import SL board of direction, in their Márdel factory, states that it is within the company’s goals, and an imperative objective, to pay maximum attention to all the activities we carry out, in every decision we make and in every action we perform, to ensure the innocuousness of our products.

Bearing in mind the importance of the consumers’ health, Caro Import S.L. commits to:

  • Following and complying with all the legislation in force in every country where we sell our products, their regulations and the voluntary agreements we have established with our customers, doing our best to adapt our products to the needs and preferences of a society in continuous evolution.
  • Developing a Food Innocuousness Management System with defined objectives and goals, promoting food innocuousness at all times, also ensuring the quality of the dulce de leche that reaches our customers, keeping our traditional recipes and using top quality raw materials
  • Carrying out a periodical revision of the Food Innocuousness Management System to ensure its relevancy, adequacy and efficacy, to achieve the goals set by the company, always focused on continuous improvement.
  • Promoting appropriate sustainable processes and technologies to encourage the prevention of any situation that may affect the innocuousness of the product by investing in technologies aimed at productivity and quality enhancement, as well as pursuing the environmental improvements that will guarantee a better future for the next generations.
  • Incorporating our employees to the task of achieving these objectives and goals, by providing a continuous training about product innocuousness related topics, making them become involved with the ideal of this regulation and aiming at their best integration with the values of the company.

It is the board’s commitment to spread our policy throughout all the levels of the organization, including suppliers and third parties related to Caro Import, with the main goal of following the established lines.